A Glance At Our Program

This program takes our friends through a 12-week physical fitness course. It supplies them with foundational training including strength, cardio, and conditioning knowledge. The course will be supplemented with mindfulness and nutrition training. 

During the first 4 weeks our friends will have hands-on experience, learning to cook nutritious and cost effective meals, while maintaining portion control. This experience will include learning the importance and responsibility of self care to those who are particularly at risk.

The next 4-weeks involves money management, budgeting skills, and general financial literacy. This understanding comes from knowing we all have had low points in our lives. This can be difficult particularly for those with fixed and/or low income. We have partnered with various local businesses who have resources to help them achieve financial stability in their lives.

The final 4 weeks encompases additional learning of practical job skills such as building a resume and job interview etiquette. We have a special guest helping with job skills classes and conducting mock interviews. We have been blessed with partnering businesses who are helping our friends and community make a difference.